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Distributor of cheap seal rings in Jakarta. Seal is a component that plays an important role to inhibit the release of oil, oil and air so as to maintain stability in the mechanical / machinery system. Seals are generally designed with a ring-like circle. This product is also known as ringed seal / oring. Seals are mostly manufactured from rubber materials, but not a few are seals that are manufactured from other materials such as absestos, graphite and even metals.
We provide a variety of mechanical seals, including:
 - Oring Seal
 - Oil Seal
 - Seal Kit
 - Hydraulic seals
 - Pneumatic Seal

Ring seal prices vary depending on the type, size and specifications. This product can be used for a variety of industrial applications, for machines that require seals on hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
Find a variety of mechanical seals only for us for superior products that are certainly reliable for your various needs.
Please contact us for detailed information.

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