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Oring Seal

Selling cheap oring seals. There are many types of seals that are widely used in Indonesia, one of which is foreign. This O-Ring is manufactured from high quality rubber material so it is very flexible and has a high density. Oring is widely used for various industrial applications, such as hydraulic machines and pneumatic machines.
Called this is because the shape of an oring ring is stretched. Oring is a type of static seal that can withstand high pressure. Acting as a seal in high pressure applications above 5500 kPa (800 psi), O-rings are often added to the back-up ring to prevent leakage caused by gaps between the two surfaces. Pressure back-up rings are usually made of plastic which serves to extend the life of the O-ring.
Oring function:
 - Maintain lubricant leaks (lubrication).
 - Keeps dirt and other material from entering the system.
 - Provide a liquid restriction so that it is not mixed.
 - More flexible against moving parts and does not leak.
 - Coating uneven surfaces.
 - Components are not easily damaged.

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